Judo English


What is Judo?

Judo is the most common martial art in the world. In about 115 countries in the world nearly 10 Million people practice Judo. In Germany, Judo is organised in the Deutsche Judo-Bund (DJB or German Judo organisation). The DJB had about 250.000 members in 1997, organised in 18 state associations and 2.500 local organisations. Jigoro Kano from Japan, combined several self defence systems in 1882 and thereby developed Judo. Kano eliminated every technique that might be dangerous for the opponent from his system and named it "Kodokan-Judo". Judo (which can be translated as „the gentle way“ or „the road of suppleness”) can nowadays be conducted in several different ways and styles and is being conducted with several different goals. One can see it as fitness-training, as personal experience or as self-defence, one can use it for therapeutic- or self enhancing goals or as a sport. Nearly all children, with more than 70% the largest group of people in the German Judo Association, learn Judo first of all as an Olympic sport.


Judo as a sport, what is it about?

This question can be answered easily when it comes to playing football: two teams try to get the ball in the goal that belongs to the other party, moreover, they try to stop the other team from hitting their goal. In judo it is not about making goals; it is about one (total) point, the (jap.) "Ippon". After one Ippon, the Judo-match ends instantly. It is like the K.O. in boxing, although less painful because Judo techniques do not cause lasting pain. Both Judoka wish to reach an Ippon (the full point, the early win). This is the goal of the judo match and everything that both judoka do, serves this goal and at the same time, they try to stop the other from reaching an Ippon. Only the one who knows this, can understand why judoka behave the way they do in a match: they try to reach the deciding Ippon!

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