Shaolin Kempo (English)

Shaolin Kempo



According to a Chinese legend, Shaolin Kempo, also known under the name Kung fu or Chuan fa, originated in India. In the year 520 during the Liang dynasty (506-550), a Buddhist priest called Ta Mo (Sanskrit: Bodhidharma; jap.: Daruma) came from India to China. He wanted to teach Buddhism, and sat down in the north of the Honan province at the Shaolin- monastery ( jap.: Shorinji). Here, he meditated for several years and instructed his scholars to vitalize their bodies using health studies and self-defence. An essential but also undesired situation that helped the development of Shaolin technologies, was the weapon ban that politics in China issued and the fact that various dynasties of China suppressed the Chinese people. Because of this, gatherings had to take place in secret locations, to remember different kinds of self-defence. This is how it came about, that especially in China fighting arts blossomed. Even in fighting systems that were developed later, in other east Asian countries, one can trace their Chinese background.



Gerald Karel Meijers was born in 1928 in Mongolia in a time that was dominated by civil war and confrontations between Japan and China. Gerard Karel Meijers created a fighting art system which he later called, Shaolin-Kempo". He stated that his former contact with the Chinese as well as the Japanese fighting arts influenced his system essentially. During his childhood and adolescence, different stays in suitable monasteries have brought him into contact with Chinese arts. His Japanese influence originated from meetings with experts in the fighting arts like Yamaguchi Gogen (Goju ryu Karate) and Doshin Thus (Shoriji-Kempo).

On the one hand, the name "Shaolin" was seemingly chosen based on the North-Chinese fighting style “Chuan Su", on the other hand it was chosen because of the Buddhist name for the so-called, "hard" style, that was used as a synonym.




Starting in the Netherlands, Shaolin-Kempo was introduced in Europe in 1956 by the Mongol Dschero Khan Chen Tao. For constitutional reasons he assumed the name Gerard Karel Meijers. Mr. Meijers founded and, as a chairman, led the “Eerste Nederlandse Kempo Bond (ENKB)".

On 12/6/1981 the Shaolin-Kempo Association NW (SKVNW) was founded and joined the umbrella organisation for Budo - technologies NW (DVNW). In order to also allow an association membership for other Chinese systems, the association name was changed on the 4/13/1985 into North Rhine-Westphalian Shaolin-Kempo/Kung Fu association. Three years later (on the 2/6/1988) the association name of North Rhine-Westphalian Shaolin-Kempo/Kung Fu association was changed into the: German Wushu Federation NW (DWF NW). The same occurred with the German Shaolin Kempo / Kung Fu association that was founded in the meantime at a national level, this has been called the German Wushu Federation (DWF) since 9/18/1988.

The DWF consists of autonomous student councils of different style directions, as well as the student council of Shaolin-Kempo.

In Beijing (Peking), China, on the 10/3/1990, the international Wushu Federation (IWF) was founded by the DWF and 34 other national associations. Since then the German Wushu Federation (DWF) is accepted worldwide.




In 1967, the community of interests of Shaolin-Kempo originated in Germany from Hermann and Gertrud Scholz in Kleve with the BSV "Red Dragon".

The department Shaolin Kempo of the Budo Sports Club "Red Dragon" Kleve can look back at nearly 50 years of moving history steeped in tradition. In our community of numerous of Kempo-scholars, many certified degrees were achieved. Those scholars now practise in their own associations in Kleve or the wide surroundings and they spread this fight art. We thank all masters who have accompanied their students on the long and weary road of knowledge. Moreover, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our long-standing trainer and honorary member Sifu J.C.A. Brugman (7. DAN Shaolin Kempo).


Anybody who is interested in this Chinese fight art, can take part in the training at any time without any obligations. Everybody, woman or man, young or old, is highly welcome and invited to set him or herself up to this challenge.


Free test training is possible at any time! Please feel welcome!


Beginners' courses are offered during the year!


We are a member of the trade association for Budo technologies of the Regional Sport Association of North Rhine-Westphalia and the German Wushu Federation (DWF) and are represented in the student council Shaolin Kempo. Moreover, we are represented in the teaching committee of this student council by a specialist for teaching and technology.